Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial

On January 8, 1815,  British and American troops met on Chalmette Battlefield just beyond the city of New Orleans to determine the course of American history. Americans of varying ethnicities fought side by side to defeat the British, leading to the recognition of American claims to Louisiana and West Florida as well as the ratification of the Treaty of Ghent, ending the War of 1812. The United States was recognized as a country, and Louisiana was incorporated into the Union.

January 8, 2015 marks the Bicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans, and the Big Easy will celebrate the courage of Americans at the forefront with a host of events, some beginning in November and reaching well into the spring. For more information, please visit the official Battle of New Orleans site.



October 4-March 29 - Andrew Jackson: Hero of New Orleans Exhibit
                                   Historic New Orleans Collection

January 6 - General Pakenham's Final Supper
                  Bourbon Orleans Hotel

January 7 - Jordon Noble Memorial Service
                  St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

January 7 - A Call to Arms Re-enactment
                  Jackson Square

January 8 - Wreath Laying Ceremony
                  Jackson Square

January 9 - Fireworks Show
                  New Orleans Riverfront

January 9-11 - Battle Reenactments
                        Chalmette, LA

January 9 - Wreath Laying Ceremony
                  De La Ronde Ruins                  

January 9 - Symposium on Battle of New Orleans
                  Nunez Community College

January 9 - Rosary Procession
                  De La Ronde Oak Grove

January 10 - Battle of New Orleans Symposium
                    Old U.S. Mint

January 23-24 - The Historic New Orleans Collection's Annual Symposium
                           Hotel Monteleone

April 20-27 - NOLA Navy Week 2015
                      Various locations

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Battle of New Orleans