Oyster Festival, June 1-2

2013 New Orleans Oyster Festival  -  June 1 & 2
It's Shuckin' Time!

The 2013 New Orleans Oyster Festival is bringing together the best oyster spots in the city to deliver amazing dishes.  Among the many restaurants to join the festivities are Antoine's, Drago's, Galatoire's, and Superior Seafood. Attendees will enjoy the sounds of local bands, including The Stooges Brass Band, the Revivalists, and many more.

Perhaps some of the most anticipated items on the agenda are the P&J Shucking Contest, the Largest Oyster Contest, and the Acme Oyster Eating Contest. Last year, the winner finished off a record-breaking 47 oysters in 8 minutes! Will the record be broken this year?

Come find out, and join the city in a weekend of fun and good eating!

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More about this local favorite...

Oysters are a mainstay of New Orleans culture. From Oysters on the half shell to poboys and seafood gumbo, shucking and preparing oysters is something New Orleans does best.

Oyster dishes in New Orleans are iconic. Raw oysters are served all over New Orleans, and it is hard to find a menu in the city that does not include the bivalves, fried or otherwise. Oysters Rockefeller, oysters on the half shell baked in a rich butter sauce and breadcrumbs, was first created at Antoine's Restaurant in 1899. Jules Alciatore, creator of the dish, named it after the richest man in the United States, John D. Rockefeller, for the richness of the sauce. Count Arnaud of Arnaud's Restaurant tried Oysters Rockefeller and created his own version, Oysters Bienville, named for the French governor of Louisiana. Created in the 1930's, the dish consists of oysters on the half shell baked with béchamel and white wine. Oysters are also famously charbroiled at Drago's Restaurant, where the oysters are bathed in butter and herbs and cooked in their shells.

Here are some of the iconic oyster dishes:

Oysters Rockefeller at Antoine's: Oysters baked on the half shell with the original Rockefeller sauce created by Antoine's in 1889

Oysters Bienville at Arnaud's: An Arnaud's original. Shrimp, mushrooms, green onions, herbs and seasonings in a White Wine Sauce

Charbroiled Oysters at Drago's: "The Single Best Bite of Food in New Orleans," Available in Half Dozen and Dozen

Oysters on the Half Shell at Bourbon House

Oyster Loaf at Casamento's: Fried oysters, "dressed" with lettuce and tomato and served on white toast

Seafood Gumbo at Gumbo Shop: Okra, onion, bell peppers, celery and a tiny bit of tomato sautéed and blended with shrimp and crabs into a thick brown Creole soup - served over rice.




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