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6 Sinking Cities to Visit Before It's Too Late
U.S News & World Report: Travel
New Orleans
If you want to experience Mardi Gras and admire architectural gems of the French Quarter, now is the time to plan a trip to the Crescent City. A recent study conducted by NASA and the California Institute of Technology analyzing subsidence in and around New Orleans through NASA airborne radar shows parts of the city are dropping by up to 2 inches annually. While the Big Easy has faced a host of environmental catastrophes, including the Hurricane Katrina levee-system disaster, it's also sinking at a steady rate. More than 50 percent of the city is below sea level today and estimates show three quarters of the city could drop below sea level as early as 2050. "The issue of sinking cities is certainly well-related to climate change," says Jamie Sweeting, vice president for sustainability at G Adventures and president of the Planeterra Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to contributing financial resources to emergency response, conservation and other charitable causes. "Rising sea levels are going to be more acutely linked to big-weather events," he explains, noting that scientists agree that natural disasters will take place more frequently and at a more profound level...More


Fright Festivals and Other Chilling Reasons to Travel
The New York Times
In New Orleans, the Krewe of Boo (, taking place Oct. 22, is a Mardi-Gras-inspired Halloween parade with floats devoted to themes like werewolves and vampires. Float riders throw trinkets to the crowd, including locally made candy. New Orleans hosts plenty of after-event parties, but the procession itself draws all ages in costume...More


17 Haunted Places in Louisiana You Need to See for Yourself
The BLT: Blog for Lifestyle & Travel
2. Lalaurie House in New Orleans, LA
The Lalaurie House has been deemed one of the most haunted locations in the French Quarter and although it is now a private residence, it's one walk-by experience you don't want to miss. Tarnished by an extremely morbid history, this historic building was once the home of the prestigious Madame Lalaurie and her family. As legend would have it, Mrs. Lalaurie was extremely cruel and inhumane to her slaves, chaining them up to walls and performing unnecessary surgical procedures on them. Many people lost their lives in this mansion and one slave even jumped to her death to escape her master's wrath. Even if you're a skeptic of the haunting tales, stop by to get a glimpse of this magnificent home and reflect on its sad but true history... More



5 Family Vacations That Don't Involve Disney World
The New York Times
I have never understood the hoopla over Disney World. To me, teaching moments and travel go hand in hand. So our family vacations are designed to incorporate elements of enrichment: exposure to foreign culture, a brush with history, interaction with nature, discovery of new foods, engaging in activities that make us step outside our comfort zones. Sure, Disney is fun. But school breaks are few and handled with extreme care... More

Graveyards, Friday Lunch, and Underground Music: An Insider's Guide to New Orleans
Perhaps Tennessee Williams said it best: "America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans." Arriving in the latter, the sultry, enchanting French-founded Crescent City feels like a mystical mix of tipsy euphoria and subtle seduction. Maybe it's the sweet, fragrant air of olive trees and honeysuckle azaleas. Or the lush, subtropical foliage. Or those intoxicating sounds of indigenous jazz buzzing from its famed venues. Maybe it's native voodoo magic at work. Or even yet, possibly it's that distinct celebration of global cultures wrapped in an exotic, Sazerac-soaked dream... More


New Orleans is officially a hipster hot spot
New York Post
Last Jan. 16 in New Orleans, thousands of locals flooded the French Quarter, boozing and marching to a second-line tribute parade for David Bowie. It was one of the wildest non-Mardi Gras events to date, streets packed to the bone as Grammy-award winning indie-rock band Arcade Fire led the procession with a local marching band... More

Entrepreneurs Are Creating the Future of New Orleans
The Huffington Post
The Levees broke over 10 years ago. However, today New Orleans has made a major comeback, as the new Nola 2.0 infuses the Americana spirit of innovation and Entrepreneurship... More

How to eat (and drink) your way through New Orleans in a long weekend
Miami Herald
New Orleans was long on my shortlist of American cities I'd never been to, but was dying to visit. There was something about the lore of the Big Easy, with its free-spirited, jazzy laissez les bons temps rouler mindset that spoke to me... More

The Unexpected Place to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
The Kitchn
It's true that New York's St. Patrick's Day parade is the largest in the world, that there's no shortage of Irish bars to visit in Boston, and that it may be worth a trip to Chicago to see the river run green. But one of the best places to lift your pint glass in honor of the patron saint of Ireland probably isn't on your radar... More

The Best Vietnamese Food In New Orleans
Food Republic
I've arrived in New Orleans with food on my mind, and MoPho is dishing what I crave: a fragrant, deeply spiced bowl of pho. As I sip my boozy bubble tea, the pièce de résistance arrives. Rich beef-marrow broth swims with rice noodles, house-made head cheese and delicious meatballs that taste just ever so vaguely of Creole spices... More

Dispatch, New Orleans: History, Big Easy-style
Travel Weekly Dispatch
Destinations Editor Eric Moya was in the Big Easy last week for the grand opening of the Hyatt House New Orleans. His first dispatch follows... More

Beyond the Beignets
Huffington Post UK
If you go to New Orleans everybody knows you have to eat beignets at the Café du Monde, try a Louisiana po' boy sandwich and sample the Big Easy's own super-sandwich, the muffuletta. You won't find a better muffuletta than at the Central Grocery at 923 Decatur Street, where they were invented by Italian immigrants who wanted a reminder of their Mediterranean homeland... More

New Orleans - The ever-evolving city
Kreol Magazine
While it might be world famous for its carnival, it's not all Mardi Gras mayhem in the Louisiana city of New Orleans - it also has plenty to offer families, history lovers and foodies who choose visit this fascinating city any time of the year. Kristian Sonnier, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations for New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau gives us the lowdown on the different ways domestic and international tourists alike can experience for themselves this great American city and its Creole culture... More

2/15/2016 Ultimate Guide To Experiencing New Orleans Beyond Mardi Gras
Everyone knows about Mardi Gras, but New Orleans offers so much more to do, eat, and see beyond this annual festival. Laissez les bon temps roulez... More

2/9/2016 Voices: What makes Mardi Gras special? 'It's awesome'
USA Today
NEW ORLEANS - What makes thousands of grown men and women cram together on sidewalks and scream maniacally for plastic trinkets? What makes revelers, year in and year out, become so giddy at the thought of King Cake and parades? After all these decades, what makes Mardi Gras so revered, so enduring, so important?... More

Return to the Big Easy: New Orleans' grassroots revival
Yahoo! News
The story of New Orleans has always been one of resilience and survival. Hurricane Katrina left the city 80 percent underwater in 2005, and in the year that followed, the city lost 90,000 jobs and about half of its population. Now, more than 10 years later, the city continues to move forward, tackling issues of education, employment and poverty... More

The Quirks Of New Orleans Culture: Second Lines
New Orleans, LA-There are certain commentators who will argue that, thanks to gentrification, corporatism, and globalization, U.S. cities are losing their cultural distinctiveness. These people should really try leaving their rooms more often. One thing I've noticed while traveling is that cultural differences, in fact, remain alive and well in America. And nowhere is this more evident than New Orleans, where I've been living since around Christmas until Mardi Gras day on February 9... More

Best Late Night Spots in New Orleans
Food & Wine
New Orleans' bonafides as a party city are certainly tough to beat, but for a metropolis that boasts such a rich drinking culture, it can be surprisingly tough to locate reliably delicious spots for the kind of late, late night eating that's a must after a long evening... More

La belle folie de La Nouvelle-Orléans
Le Devoir
Ville noire, française, caraïbe, espagnole, romantique, créole, savoureuse, La Nouvelle-Orléans est enrobée par les États-Unis mais elle semble n'en faire partie que parallèlement... More


The US: 48 hours in New Orleans
Travel Weekly UK
Discover culture, nightlife and history as varied and satisfying as the food in the Big Easy, says Ella Buchan... More

Destination: New Orleans
San Diego magazine
A decade after Hurricane Katrina, the Big Easy is booming, with new businesses, trendy restaurants, and more... More

Four Cities That Celebrate New Year's Eve in a Big Way
The New York Times
New Year's Eve is undoubtedly the ultimate reason to give a party, and although many cities in the United States have celebrations, a handful are favorite Dec. 31 destinations. Below are some tried-and-true - and lesser-known - fetes in four cities where ringing in the new year is a major occasion... More

Visit NOLA midweek for fun and value
Philadelphia Gay News
New Orleans is back to letting the good times roll and not just on the weekends. Looking for deals, culture and a touch of gay on your next trip? Try NOLA on any night but a Friday or Saturday... More

12/12/2015 The 10 Most Exciting Cities In The World
The Culture Trip
There are some cities that are simply guaranteed to provide a lifetime's supply of excitement. But what exactly makes a city ‘exciting'? Innovative architecture, a vibrant cultural life, a buzzing food scene and host of big-name attractions all combine to make a city great, but places that top the list for excitement offer something a little extra... More

5 Must-Dos: New Orleans, USA
The essential quick guide for discerning travellers... More

What to Do in New Orleans
Bridal Guide
Our travel editor marches to the beat of the Big Easy... More

Big Easy adventuring
Travel Weekly
In a city known for its delectable dining and abundance of alcohol, physical activity might seem like a daunting way to explore New Orleans. Visitors will find, however, that there is no better way to get an intimate tour and burn off beignets than to bike and kayak their way through the Big Easy... More

11/16/2015 Louisiana holiday: Open doors and fires in the bayous
Chicago Tribune
On a sunny December day last year, Reginald Fluence and Derrick Woodly were busy building a small cabin like the ones so common in the Louisiana bayous... More

Drink the Secret Cocktail of New Orleans
Just a Hand Grenade's throw from the bottomless beer and Hurricanes of Bourbon street, New Orleans icons like the French 75 Bar at Arnaud's and the Empire Bar at Broussard's prove that the old classics still thrive. There you can drink excellent renditions of familiar Crescent City staples, from Old Fashioneds to Sazeracs. And if you look carefully on the menu, you may see a drink you don't recognize: La Louisiane... More

Horse-drawn carriages, Bourbon Street bars and endless jazz: Getting into the swing of New Orleans
Daily Mail
We're swinging along to the rhythm, heads nodding and feet tapping. I'm with my 21-year- old daughter, actress Storme Toolis, as a jazz band plays in the Spotted Cat in New Orleans. It's utterly intoxicating... More

Beyond the Quarter: The Perfect Day in New Orleans
National Geographic Beyond the Guidebook
The 21st century granted two of New Orleans‘ historic 19th-century working-class neighborhoods a new lease on life... More

The Beat Goes On
Atlanta Magazine
The indomitable spirit of New Orleans is on full display in one of its oldest neighborhoods, Faubourg Tremé... More


Louisiana: Unique cuisine is a prime attraction
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Gumbo, boudin, oysters Rockefeller, bananas Foster, po'boy sandwiches - that's a short list of iconic dishes from the Pelican State. A longstanding multicultural heritage makes Louisiana's foodways unique and distinct from cuisine in the rest of the South... More

9/1/2015 New Orleans finds its feet after the Hurricane Katrina exodus
The Independent
After the destruction of Hurricane Katrina many residents never returned. But now, 10 years on, Hazel Sheffield finds that change is in the air... More

Lengthen Your Summer with a Trip to New Orleans
In New Orleans, the living is always easy, but in the late summer and fall months the city becomes even more relaxed, making it the perfect place for your clients when they are looking for a last-minute summer vacation or a much-needed autumn break. New Orleans' mild winters mean warm weather easily extends into October, creating a perfect summer vacation well after the kiddos are back in school... More

New Orleans: Back on track in the Big Easy
The Telegraph
Preservation Hall, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is a lowlit capsule of whirring ceiling fans and crumbling walls - cosily monochrome save for the Exit signs in red neon. At the front (there is no stage) Shannon Powell, "the King of Treme", and the Preservation All Stars are serving jazz as hooch - neat blasts of Panama Rag and Mood Indigo that go straight to my head... More


Why New Orleans Tourism Is Soaring 10 Years After Katrina
A vigorous recovery, driven first by empathy and now by enthusiasm... More


How New Orleans got its groove back
After Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans in late August 2005 - flooding 80% of the city and taking more than 1,800 lives - there were fears that the city's unique musical culture had been washed away. The devastation caused by the levee failure silenced the Big Easy's music venues and forced its musicians to settle elsewhere once the gigs had dried up. But 10 years later, many have returned to the New Orleans stage... More


Big Easy Bounce: New Orleans, 10 years after Katrina
Irish Independent
As we exit the freeway towards the city of New Orleans, one of the first sights that greets us is the now infamous Superdome... More


Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of New Orleans, The Big Easy bounces back with even more allure
NY Daily News
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of New Orleans, The Big Easy is still bouncing back and rebuilding... More

8/6/2015 The New New Orleans
National Geographic Intelligent Travel
Ten years ago, New Orleans was as dead as the diva, drowned in foul waters when its man-made levees failed in Hurricane Katrina... More

7/30/2015 New Orleans Journey: Past, Present and Future
Edge Media Network
Growing up in a small Cajun town west of New Orleans made every visit special. I was lucky to have parents who loved the "big city," so we were there all the time. We'd pile into the car practically every weekend and hit our favorite places, most of which thankfully are still around today -- a testament to the staying power of joints that do it right from the get-go.... More


25 cheap and free things to do in New Orleans
The city that is synonymous with Mardi Gras is an alluring destination year-round. In fact, more than 9.5 million people visited the Big Easy in 2014 spending a record $6.8 billion, according to the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau... More


Where to start your N'Awlins restaurant crawl
The Globe and Mail
Think po'boys, crawfish étouffée, gumbo, jambalaya, muffalettas, red beans and rice - of course I'm talking about New Orleans and its iconic food. Here are some favourite spots to create your own NoLa restaurant crawl... More

6/17/2015 12 Must-Do Experiences in New Orleans
Here are 12 must-do experiences for anyone's list while in New Orleans. We recommend including a stop at New Orleans' hottest music scene just beyond the French Quarter, & the always entertaining Bourbon Street experience... More

12 Things Not To Do in New Orleans
Among U.S. cities, New Orleans stands out as a wonderfully unique destination. The sights, the sounds, and most notably, the food, all reflect and encapsulate the city's multicultural influences, including Cajun and Creole, as well as it's singular history... More

Best Convention Center: New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau
Smart Meetings
New Orleans is an authentic destination-a unique blend of Caribbean, French, African and Spanish influences that gave life to its music, food and culture. With world-class meeting facilities and a dedicated community of tourism and meetings professionals, this city is ready to welcome your big business with small town charm and warm hospitality... More


Where To Eat In New Orleans Now
To anyone who loves New Orleans, as I do, the news passed along in this year's New Orleans Wine & Food Experience was heartening: ten years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the number of restaurants now is double what it was before the flood... More


New Orleans: 10 years after Katrina, good times rolling stronger than ever
Houston Chronicle
Houston and New Orleans have always enjoyed a close relationship - we share an appreciation for music, Southern food and good times, among other things. But the two cities were never so tightly bonded as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when thousands of evacuees found refuge in H-Town. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the disaster, it's a good time to remember our strong bond; and as good a time as any to visit the Big Easy... More


New Orleans Tourism Moves Fast to Avoid an Indiana Bigotry Moment
New Orleans doesn't want to have Indianapolis' problems, and its tourism officials are moving quickly to distance themselves from actions by the state's governor... More


What's Doing in New Orleans
Frequent Business Traveler
Jazz, Mardi Gras, Creole and Cajun cuisine, the French Quarter. These were the images I conjured up before visiting the city of New Orleans, but it turned out that I was only scratching the surface... More


New Orleans Cruising Gets Bigger
Travel Agent Central
Big Easy cruising is evolving with new vessels and new diversions for guests. For the first time in its history, in 2014 the port's cruise passenger totals soared to 1,014,325, an increase of more than 2.6 percent over 2013. Here are the latest ocean and river developments from the Port of New Orleans... More


Summer Travel 2015: The Nine Best Places to Go
Bloomberg Business
A decade after Hurricane Katrina, the city has emerged with a cleaned-up French Quarter and a more creative take on the beaded debauchery that once made it popular... More


America's Most Charming Cities
Travel + Leisure
Between the graceful architecture, inviting shops along Magazine Street, and cultural quirks like the Voodoo Museum, the Crescent City downright intoxicated readers with charm-and that was even before they hit the bars, which ranked at No. 1 in the survey... More


New Orleans' rebound goes way beyond the French Quarter
USA Today
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina demolished a large swath of this southern city, New Orleans has not only re-emerged but grown up. A thriving tech scene, entrepreneurial drive and affordable housing are attracting young people to neighborhoods that few would venture to a decade ago... More

These are the Friendliest Cities in America
Travel + Leisure
In the city that triumphed at No. 1 for quirky locals, wall-to-wall festivals, and wild weekends, readers clearly felt they could be themselves here... More

Exploring the Best of New Orleans
Huffington Post
Everyone knows New Orleans for its lavish Mardi Gras parades and year-round attitude of "anything goes." And yes, while I can attest to the fact that you can have a great time on Bourbon Street or elsewhere around town, there's so much more to love than just New Orleans' nightlife... More

4/10/2015   Escape to Sizzling New Orleans
Huffington Post
The French Quarter... Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Mark Twain and Tennessee Williams (who liked to imbibe here), and exploring new attractions in the Crescent City is a divine pastime... More


A Changing Hotel Scene
Travel Pulse
As New Orleans' star continues to rise as a premier destination for business and leisure travelers alike, and new hotels are opening while existing properties are undergoing considerable renovations to meet changing tastes and the ever-increasing demand... More


5 Reasons to Go to New Orleans Now
Fodor's Travel
As the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches this August, it's a marvel to see how this formerly devastated city has emerged from the wreckage and embraced momentous changes. Over the decade, there's been a rebirth of venerable institutions and an introduction of exciting and ambitious trends in cultural, musical, culinary, and cocktail spheres... More


New Orleans' Tremé neighborhood helped shape U.S. culture
San Francisco Chronicle
The call sounds ancient. Somewhere between traffic bleats from Rampart Street, giggling children from the filtered shade of trees in Congo Square, and construction sounds floating on the breeze - the song cuts through, catches my ears and propels my feet to follow... More


From the Honkytonk Capital to Jazz's Birthplace: America's Best Music Scenes
Travel + Leisure
Jazz legends, symphonic masterpieces-and some really cool punk karaoke. Travel + Leisure readers kept the beat as they ranked the best music towns in the land... More


New Orleans: City buildings have amazing stories to tell
Toronto Sun
NEW ORLEANS -- There is ... a house ... in New Orleans, just like the song says. Quite a few actually, in every size and architectural style under the rising sun. Shotgun cottages in the Garden District, Creole townhouses fronted by iron-lattice balconies, the Sugar Palace at Houmas Plantation, and Preservation Hall with its cracked plaster, loosened by the verve of nightly jazz... More

Top 10: US city breaks for summer 2015
The Telegraph
August 29 marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans, and what an amazing recovery it's been. This seductive, jasmine-scented city will always have the French Quarter, of course, with its filigreed balconies and crazy, neon-lit bars. But now new faubourgs are burgeoning - the Bywater District with its bohemian clubs and hipster Freret Street among them... More


America's Best Cities for Foodies
Travel + Leisure
Cities that make T+L readers' mouths water, be it French fusion, peanut-butter-and-kimchi sandwiches or the perfect piece of fried chicken... More


So You're a Little Weird: the 20 Quirkiest Cities in America
Travel + Leisure
From voodoo spa treatments to armadillo races and subversive donut shops, Travel + Leisure readers ranked the cities with the most kooks per capita... More


14 Top Travel Spots for 2015
Ebony magazine
While Jamaica, Paris and New York City are perennial fan favorites, has outlined a few destinations that allow travelers to step outside their comfort level while exploring life and culture off the beaten path... More  

02/20/2015             American Cruise Lines to Base New Boat in New Orleans
ABC News
American Cruise Lines later this month plans to introduce its second riverboat to be home-ported in New Orleans... More


Beads, Berries And Besh: Why This February Is The Time To Hit New Orleans
Food Republic
Right now is the best time to visit the Big Easy... More


The hipster guide to New Orleans
Business Insider
New Orleans continues to be a hub for artists, designers, and musicians. Perhaps best known for its annual Mardi Gras celebration, the city has plenty to offer in terms of culture and entertainment any time of year... More

Affordable Ways to Explore New Orleans
Huffington Post
The annual Mardi Gras festival is a perfect time to party big in the Big Easy. But America's brassiest city offers a plethora of attractions all year long... More


New Orleans a Cultural Destination for Every Holiday
Houston Style Magazine
Being in New Orleans during the holidays was a joyous occasion where everyone was in the holiday spirit to let "the good times roll"... More


Schensul: Getting a bead on Mardi Gras
Jill Schensul explores Mardi Gras behind the scenes, from floats to king cakes and glittered shoes... More


6 Romantic Destinations That You Can (and Should) Visit Solo
Sherman's Travel
Traveling by yourself? Here are some sweet destinations where it doesn't matter if you have a plus-one... More


Exploring the Crescent City: Top 10 Things to Do in New Orleans
Ebony magazine
Headed down to the Big Easy? Some things in 'America's Most Interesting City' have to be seen to be believed; don't miss out on these 10... More


14 Reasons New Orleans is the Center of the Universe
Travel Pulse
New Orleans, oh how I love thee! Let me count the ways... More


An Insiders Guide to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Over the next week, hundreds of thousands of revelers will head to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the biggest and best carnival celebration in the country... More


52 Places to Go in 2015
The New York Times
Untrammeled oases beckon, once-avoided destinations become must-sees and familiar cities offer new reasons to visit... More