New Orleans Recipes

New Orleans is known for its cuisine from Cajun and Creole to French and everything in between.  New Orleanians love to eat and many good times are had around a plate of boiled crawfish, a bowl of gumbo or etouffee.  No meal is complete without a refreshing cocktail.  The two go hand in hand.  Home to a number of libations, including the Sazerac, New Orleans offers an array of pubs, bars and cocktail lounges where handcrafted beverages can be enjoyed.

For all of you culinary adventurers, we have compiled a list of some of New Orleans' tastiest recipes.  Please check out these easy and delicious recipes from some of New Orleans famous establishments.  Bon Appetit!   


Enjoyed great cocktails while visiting. Your New Orleans experience doesn't have to end once you go home. Make these easy libations at home. more


Appetizers & Entrees

So many flavors, so little time. Gumbo, bbq shrimp, and more. Check out these recipes and bring New Orleans cuisine home to your kitchen. more



No meal is complete without dessert. From bread pudding to pecan pie these local favorites are sure to complete your culinary adventure. more