The National WWII Museum Campaigns of Courage

The National World War II Museum, named one of the Top 10 Museums in the United States and the number one attraction in New Orleans by TripAdvisor, will debut its newest expansion "Campaigns of Courage" on December 13. A groundbreaking new way to experience the story of World War II, Campaigns of Courage utilizes immersive galleries with layered multimedia to bring participants deeper into the scenes of the war.

Opening with Road to Berlin: European Theater Galleries, "Campaigns of Courage" will explore the first battles in North Africa and the bloody struggle at Germany's doorsteps, even recreating actual battle settings and villages with personal artifacts like photographs and cigarette boxes scattered across the scene. The exhibit emphasizes the human cost of war and is exhaustive in detail.

Road to Tokyo: Pacific Galleries will follow in 2015, utilizing similar sensory layering. 

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