Night Owl in NOLA Itinerary


Day One
Court of Two SistersFor breakfast, head to the Court of Two Sisters for brunch in the courtyard. Indulge in mimosas (orange juice and champagne) or have a bloody Mary with your meal. Here in New Orleans, there's always a party. Enjoy the melodic tunes of the jazz band while you dine on signature Louisiana dishes and cocktails.

After breakfast, take a pedicab tour through the French Quarter and then stop on Bourbon Street to try the famous hand grenade. Watch out, this drink packs a punch with sweet, tangy, and savory flavors. While sippin' on your beverage explore the unique shops, galleries, and street performers on Royal Street.

For lunch, take a carriage ride to Pat O'Brien's Restaurant for some Louisiana delicacies and the famous hurricane. This drink is named after the signature storms that hit the Gulf Coast. Watch out, it might hit you too! Feast on famous Louisiana dishes like gumbo, red beans & rice, or jambalaya. After your lunch, enjoy the courtyard, have another cocktail, and embrace the leisure of the southern way.

Delmonico's Shrimp EttoufeeFor dinner, take a taxi to New Orleans' first brewpub. The Crescent City Brewhouse has four signature house brewed beers and one beer that is seasonal. The restaurant also serves great Louisiana delicacies such as alligator sausage, crawfish etouffée, or shrimp & grits. When you finish dinner, no need to hurry and finish your drink; you can get take it to go or purchase another beverage when you leave.

After dinner take a pedicab to Bourbon Street for a wild night of fun. Several bars and nightclubs on Bourbon Street have balconies where you can throw beads to onlookers or entice people to come join your festivities. Stroll up and down Bourbon Street for the right bar with your particular ambiance.


Day Two
Mother's RestaurantStart off with a hearty breakfast to get you ready for the day. Hop in a taxi and head towards some of New Orleans' famous restaurants that put their own spin on breakfast such as the Ruby Slipper, Café Adelaide, or Mother's Restaurant. Don't forget the spirits like a bloody Mary, brandy milk punch, or a mimosa.

After breakfast, take the street car to the French Market to explore the Farmers Market and the Flea Market to find unique souvenirs or some genuine Louisiana flavors. Why not purchase another drink along the way. After your visit to the French Market, head on over to Tujague's Restaurant and try the absinthe house frappé for your next drink. After your beverage, take a carriage ride to the Celebration Distillation Company for a guided tour through the Old New Orleans Rum Factory. You‘ll learn about the the distilling, fermenting and filtering process and you'll get to sample some of their products.

After the rum tour, indulge on some of New Orleans' famous cuisine at the small eateries located throughout the city. Check out some of Louisiana's famous delicacies such as po'boys, gumbo, or muffulettas. Most restaurants have their own interpretations of Louisiana signature dishes and cocktails that will pamper your taste buds.

Commanders RestaurantAfter lunch, take a taxi to Harrah's Casino and test your luck with 2,100 of the hottest slots, try out one of the 100 fastpaced tables games, or check out the poker room. Have new or old friends cheer you on once you hit your lucky streak and always remember to let the good times roll!

For dinner, try some of New Orleans' restaurants that specialize in seafood, Cajun, or Creole cuisine. New Orleans has 1,400 restaurants that will satisfy your every taste bud. Some of New Orleans' famous are G.W. Fins, Arnaud's, Antoine's, Commander's Palace or Drago's. Why not try New Orleans' signature cocktail, the Sazerac while you're at dinner.

After dinner, take a taxi on over to Frenchmen Street and enjoy the live music venues. Enjoy exotic drinks and live performances that will last until the early morning. Also while on Frenchmen Street, check out the arts market that opens at dark and continues throughout the night.


Day Three
Jazz trioBefore you depart from the Crescent City, enjoy a Sunday Jazz Brunch at the Columns Hotel. Feast on the savory breakfast cuisine with a Louisiana twist. Remember to order a classic brunch beverage with your meal, such as a mimosa or bloody Mary. Enjoy the melodic tunes of the brass band during breakfast. Missed something? Revisit past locations or visit new ones before you leave! Don't forget to get a few drinks to celebrate one last time. Remember in New Orleans we love a good celebration and always let the good times roll.

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