What Our Clients Say

Here is what a few of our clients said about New Orleans and their visiting experiences:

"We love working in New Orleans. Convention Center and Convention Bureau staff makes everything easy and ensure that our needs are taken care of!"

- Pamela Henry, Senior Director
  Conference Operations & Exhibits for the Water Environment Federation

"New Orleans's exceeded all my expectations from the vibrant sounds of jazz playing through the streets, the vibrant celebrations of Mardi Gras, to the river swamps of Lafayette. There really was a surprise around every street corner. For all the food lovers out there, a visit to the famous historic Court of Two Sisters restaurant in the French Quarter is a must."

~ Sam Robinson, Titan Travel

"As an event planner for student groups I have sent groups to over five cities that all contain major amusement parks and I have to say that New Orleans tops the charts as far as student friendly options.  I have been able to keep groups busy and occupied in New Orleans for four and five day itineraries consistently.  From swamp tours to ghost tours my groups are busy all day leaving very little time for mischief and they don't even miss the amusement parks!  My group leaders frequently tell me that it was among the most unique, educational, and entertaining itineraries they have done with their groups and they will be back to explore more of what New Orleans has to offer.

~Laura Hart, Heritage Festivals

"The first thing which hit me on arrival into New Orleans is that it is a US city quite like no other. New Orleans is full of character, colour and delicious southern food! It's the perfect city to stroll around on foot and explore the historic districts; I was particularly enchanted by the French Quarter with its stunning architecture. At night there is only one place to head to and that's the world famous Bourbon Street. I was amazed by the street's sheer energy and passion. Bourbon Street is bursting with fabulous restaurants and bars, and there is no better place to sample the cities wide range of cocktails, after all New Orleans is home of the cocktail! I genuinely couldn't think of one person, whom I wouldn't recommend a trip to New Orleans, it's a city everybody should experience!"

~ Laura Woolley, Product Department at Virgin Holidays

"For me, New Orleans is one of the most enchanting and unique cities in the USA. Not only a great party destination - goes without saying! - but it is also steeped in history. For such a small city, there are so many different areas to explore. I find the shopping is really outstanding, not just the usual magnets and T shirts, but great artwork, antiques, quirky souvenirs. The restaurants offer such great variety, value and excellent cuisine. New Orleans has something for all age groups, and that the atmosphere of this wonderful city always makes me sad to leave it!

We are working hard with the New Orleans MCVB to promote this destination through direct marketing, travel agent awareness and FAM trips. We have seen great pick up in passenger numbers over the last couple of years and are looking forward to continuing this trend going forward."

~ Sarah Lax, Head of Product USA TUI Group 

"The passion of the people from their love of music, pride in the city, to their love of life and The Saints all adds up to making New Orleans one of my favorite cities to visit. The night life of Bourbon Street and the jazz bars are world famous but they are not the only reasons to visit. The history of the city and its people give it a fascinating mixture of cultures and architecture."
~ David Binns, Head of Product Cosmos 

"New Orleans is such an eclectic city. Whether it's the vibrant music scene, its fascinating history, the Cajun & Creole cooking, or the never ending cocktails that appeal to you, this city really does have something for everyone. I loved ambling through the French Quarter with its cobbled streets and charming architecture during the day, and then in the evening sampling the colorful nightlife of Bourbon Street. Possibly the coolest city in the USA? I think so.
~ Jane Poyser, Contractor USA - Trail Finders 

"There is always a concern that when a destination has a great reputation the reality simply wont live up to it, but New Orleans was everything I'd heard and hoped it would be. My first observation was how friendly everyone was, offering natural warmth to all its visitors. My second was just how easily you fill your days. I loved strolling around Jackson Square in the sunshine, browsing the artisan's skilled works and the quaint boutique shops, and the visit to Mardi Gras World which provided a great insight into a city renowned for its festivals. It was no surprise that when the sun sets, New Orleans takes on a whole new personality. The streets come alive with the sounds of live music, and although there are many genres Jazz which understandably tops the bill. New Orleans is a fascinating place to spend fun days and nights.

~ Karen Farrar, Product & Marketing Manager, North American Travel Services (NATS) 

"I booked a group at your Hampton Inn & Suites who went on the NCL Spirit and they loved the property. You have a great website and I hope to come back to visit your wonderful city again!"

~ Marsha Blake