Coastal Restoration

New Orleans is famous for its world class seafood, but that's not theonly great thing to come from the Gulf Coast. The coastal restoration programs offered by our local organizations will show you how your efforts can make a difference.

Common Ground Relief, Inc.

Contact: Thom Pepper

Common Ground Relief Wetlands LLC can provide wetlands planting excursions for groups from 10 to 300.

We offer both half day and full day team building excursions and we provide plant material, shovels, dibbles and boots as well as canoes for our expeditions. Some of our plantings do require airboats which are provided by state and federal agencies. The plantings are supervised by trained staff and we have liability insurance. Lunches can also be provided at an additional charge. Planting sites are within a hour drive of the city.

We have attached a copy of our wetlands brochure. We are a member of the NOCVB. For more information please email us at or leave a voicemail message for us at 504.442.2314.  

Global Green USA

Contact: Moncia Rowand

Global Green USA works to address global climate change through our green affordable housing initiatives, National Green Schools Initiative, national and regional green building policies, advocacy and education. In New Orleans, Global Green works to empower New Orleanians by providing them with free and trustworthy technical assistance and energy efficiency education that enables them to reduce their energy consumption. Energy efficiency upgrades are a powerful way to combat climate change while improving quality of life for low and moderate income residents, who often spend more than 25% of their income on utility bills, more than they spend on education and health care. To date, Global Green has provided green building information to over 20,000 New Orleans residents and partnered with community organizations to deliver hundreds of outreach events and workshops to the public. The need in the community is great, according to Global Green's clients: "I was always cold. I would turn up the heat and still have to put on multiple layers of clothes. I needed help in lowering my utility bill, but I didn't know what needed to be done."

Here's what clients have said about Global Green's services: "It's really amazing the money I saved. With Global Green's advice I was able to help my sister - she's 85 - and help my daughter. I live a better quality of life because of their help."

Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in home weatherization projects, which reduce homeowners' utility bills as well as strengthen the long-term financial and environmental sustainability of the community. Tasks consist of installing radiant barriers in attics, sealing HVAC ducts, caulking and weather-stripping, replacing shower heads with low flow systems, installing dual flush kits in toilets, replacing faucet aerators, and cleaning door and window jambs. Must like working with hands; be able to tolerate crouching, bending and reaching; be comfortable with getting dirty. Volunteers will be asked to sign a waiver of liability, and wear long pants and close-toed shoes. Ideal team sizes are 5-15 volunteers, and would most likely be spread out among several houses in the same neighborhood. Work hours are 10am - 4pm.

Suggested support levels to cover staff, overhead and materials costs: Green - $500; Greener $1000; Greenest $2000.

NOLA Tree Project

Contact : Connie Uddo, Merri Kay Graves

NOLA Tree Project (formerly Hike for KaTREEna) is a local, environmental nonprofit dedicated to growing stronger, healthier communities through tree plantings and community service projects. We were founded in 2006 to replant the over 100,000 trees lost to Hurricane Katrina. With the help of over 65,000 volunteers we have planted and given away over 35,000 trees since the storm. Our innovative programs include:

  • GreauxHealthyKids Schoolyard & Community Orchard Program: Planting fruit tree orchards in schools, on vacant lots, and at community centers across the city. With childhood diabetes and obesity on the rise, there has never been a more important time to introduce our children the importance of eating fresh, healthy food.
  • Urban Forestry Program: Increasing our urban canopy by planting trees on public greenspaces, in parks, and neighborhoods across the city.
  • Big TREEsy Giveaways: 4,000 - 5,000 trees given away annually to homeowners across the city.
  • Community Service Projects: Volunteer projects in the community, from painting and repairs in schools and community centers to rebuilding houses ... if it improves the quality of life for our neighbors and community then we do it!

    Together we can grow stronger, healthier communities!

    We also specialize in creating and managing custom, meaningful service projects for corporate groups. Spend an afternoon planting an orchard, or building park benches, filling school supply backpacks, or writing thank you letters to Military Service members, and much more. Let us create a team-building experience that your group will never forget, that leaves a lasting legacy in the community!

    Restore the Earth Foundation Inc.

    Contact: P.J. Marshal, Leslie Carrere

    Be a Gulf Saver! Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! Take action to help restore Louisiana wetlands, wildlife habitat and forests damaged by hurricanes and the oil spill.

    Join us in an empowering experience, doing something uniquely positive to restore one of the most important at risk ecosystems in the U.S.

    Why is this Louisiana coastal ecosystem so important -- 40 percent of US coastal wetlands are in Louisiana; 90 percent of coastal wetland loss occurs in Louisiana (a football field every hour). The Louisiana Gulf Coast provides: 30 percent of US crude oil production; 20 percent of US natural gas production; 30 percent of US domestic sea food; 20 percent of US commercial fishing catch; 18 percent of Waterborne commerce; 5 of the 15 largest US ports; nine National Wildlife Refuges totaling 280,000 acres; No. 1 winter habitat for millions of migratory birds; and the nursery and beginning of the food chain for the Caribbean Basin.

    Gain a better understanding of the State of the Gulf today, the impact of the hurricanes and oil spill, and the long term recovery process. Interact with the people who depend on, live, work and enjoy the recreational opportunities in this critical environmental ecosystem.

    Restore the Earth Foundation Inc. a 501(c) (3) has a successful track record of responding to critical restoration challenges with "boots on the ground" models. To-date with its successful reforestation initiatives, 30,000 acres of hurricane damaged forests have been restored. Restore the Earth's Gulf Saver wetland restoration is an in innovative solution that restores valuable wetlands and wildlife habitats.

    Restore the Earth Foundation Inc. will work with you to fully coordinate your high impact environmental restoration volunteer activity. With your contribution, you can leave the Gulf Coast a little bit better with just a few hours or days.

    Please contact Restore the Earth Foundation for restoration work scope, requirements and fees. Environmental restoration is a major and rewarding commitment.