Neighborhood Beautification

New Orleans is known for its picturesque neighborhoods. Our architecture has inspired timeless works of art, music, literature and more. These organizations will show you how to help revive the charm of our unique homes and historic landmarks that make this city a hub of cultural innovation.

Build Now
Contact: Jaclyn Hill

Build Now, a non-profit homebuilder, works with families who face the challenges of
rebuilding in New Orleans. The non-profit has carved out a unique niche that focuses on prestorm
homeowners who want to rebuild. Since its inception, Build Now has helped residents
return home in Gentilly, the 9th Ward, Lakeview, Hollygrove, Chalmette and Central City.
Build Now's mission is to empower each neighborhoods original residents to return home to
regain and maintain their vitality and culture. The non-profit provides an alternative to
substantial renovations of modular homes by designing and constructing site-built, elevated
homes that reflect the traditional style and quality of New Orleans architecture.
Build Now is seeking to partner with visiting conventions to grow the Build Now Gap Fund,
which seals the gaps in financing that many families encounter during the rebuilding process.
Build Nows Foundation of Hope campaign allows people to donate funds that will serve as the
foundation of a familys new home in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Catholic Charities
Contact: Shannon Murphy, Director of Volunteers

This multi- faceted organization serves a variety of organizations and needs, including response
and recovery, housing, healthcare and education. Volunteer opportunities range from ½ day activities to 2 day opportunities, from assisting at Second Harvesters Food Bank to helping repaint and repair a person's home damaged from Katrina.

Catholic Charities Operation Helping Hands
Contact: Bethany Billman, Volunteer Coordinator
504-210-7538 (cell), 504-324-4318 x230 (direct),

Since November 2005, Operation Helping Hands has brought more than 25,500 volunteers to gut
and rebuild homes devastated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The goal of Operation Helping
Hands is to provide elderly, disabled and/or low-income homeowners safe, secure and functional
housing as efficiently and affordably as possible. Due to the overwhelming response we've had
from volunteers across the country, Operation Helping Hands has gutted over 1,900 homes,
rebuilt over 150 and painted over 400.
We are always looking for volunteers to work with our rebuilding and exterior paint programs.
Our work varies week by week, but can include hanging and finishing drywall, tiling, laying
laminate floor, installing trim, exterior painting and basic carpentry.

  • We welcome skilled volunteers, but we are happy work with those from all backgrounds.
  • All volunteers must be 16 years of age.
  • All volunteers must provide their own transportation to and from the work site.
  • We accept both individual volunteers and groups.
  • For groups interested in spending a week working with our program, we can offer
    housing and meals for $50/person/day.

For those who may be in town on vacation or for a convention, we're happy to work with
you for a single day (or two). Please note that due to the set up required on many of our
sites, we aren't able to offer ½ days. Our hours are Monday - Friday, from 7:45AM -
4PM, with some additional Saturday work days.

City Park, New Orleans
Contact: Earl Sires, Volunteer Manager

New Orleans City Park is one of the largest urban parks in the USA. We have 1,200 acres of
land and 22 miles of shorelines. This huge green oasis in the midst of the Big Easy has captured
the hearts of locals and visitors for over 150 years. Our volunteers play a key role in maintaining
and developing a stronger park. With our budget recently cut by the State of Louisiana by over
50 percent and our current staff still reduced to 85 full-time employees (before Hurricane Katrina
we had 115 full- time employees), volunteers are essential for the Park to take its place in the
cultural and recreational rebirth of New Orleans.

          What you need to know:

  • City Park is prepared to welcome groups of all sizes.
  • The Park will assign at least one employee to work with the volunteers on the day of
  • Given their financial situation, they ask convention and corporate groups to make a
    financial contribution to the park that will, at a minimum, cover the cost of supplies and
    materials used on their volunteer day. Supplies and materials can include plants, soil,
    mulch, paint... contributions vary but they tend to average between $25 and $50 per
    person. Most companies send them a check and then they purchase supplies. They also
    have a large inventory of in house supplies that will be used for the vo lunteer projects.
  • The Park has found that most groups' projects are best planned within 3 hours of service,
    although this can be adjusted.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to dress appropriately (no open-toed sandals, wear a hat, and
    apply sunscreen.)
  • Volunteers are responsible for providing any beverages they wish to drink and food they
    wish to consume. Bring plenty of liquids year round, but particularly during the summer
  • They have many different projects at the park that will vary depending on the financial
    contribution, number of people in your group, and the level of difficulty of work that the
    group is willing to embrace.
  • The work is rewarding: Groups come to the park and tackle an area that needs work. After an
    investment of three hours, the area is much improved and the volunteers leave with a great sense
    of accomplishment!

  • City Park Attractions:

  • The Arbor Room at Popp Fountain -venue space
  • Pavilion of the Two Sisters-venue space
  • New Orleans Botanical Garden
  • Carousel Gardens Amusement Park (18 rides including an antique carousel)
  • Parkview Terrace - venue space
  • Storyland
  • The largest collection of mature live oaks in the world
  • Boat rentals at Boat House on Big Lake
  • Bike rentals at Boat House on Big Lake
  • City Putt (two 18-hole miniature golf courses)
  • Big Lake walking and bike path (3/4 of a mile long)
  • Festival Grounds walking and bike path (1 mile long)
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • LA Nature Trail at Big Lake
  • The Singing Oak
  • Morning Call
  • Wetland area at Festival Grounds
  • NOLA City Bark
  • Peristyle - venue space
  • North Course Golf Facility and driving range
  • Equest Farm
  • Popp's Bandstand - venue space
  • Popp Fountain - venue space
  • Shelters (including the new Reunion Shelter) - venue space
  • Tad Gormely Stadium, Pan American Stadium, various sports fields
  • Besthoff Sculpture Garden
  • 21 Hole Disc Golf Course
  • Wisner Bike Path (double lane, runs parallel to Bayou St. John up to Lake Pontchartrain)
  • 2018 Master Plan including the current construction of a 36 hole miniature golf course and the new Festival Grounds area.
  • City Park Pepsi Tennis Center
  • LOOP (Louisiana Outdoors Outreach Program)
  • Couturie Forest/Scout Island nature trails (60 acres of forest and trails, 100% volunteer maintained) including:

             · Laborde Lookout Observation Deck (highest point in New Orleans-45ft)
             · Ongoing hardwood forest restoration
             · Invasive species removal
             · Wetland grass planting
             · Example of Coastal Prairie

Hands On New Orleans
Contact: Peyton Juneau

HandsOn New Orleans, a HandsOn Network affiliate and volunteer center for the Greater New Orleans area, transforms communities through volunteer service and leadership development. Since 2006, HandsOn New Orleans has provided local and visiting volunteers with the tools, housing and training necessary to strengthen and rebuild communities.

Through our Hands@Work Program we can create volunteer service opportunities designed to meet your group's strategic objectives and address community identified needs. Our services are broad and are aimed at simplifying your role in volunteer management and increasing the impact of your volunteer program.

Standard offerings include: volunteer organization and management; site selection; program planning and execution; and opportunities to participate in year-round partnership activities. Regardless of the size or scope of your customized employee volunteer program, we will work with you to create a meaningful project that creates lasting change in the communities you serve.

Types of projects offered: Choose from projects that address critical needs in the areas of education, youth, community and/or environment.

  • Maximum number of volunteers accepted: 250
  • Black-out dates: Holidays and Sundays
  • Length of service projects: We can assist you in making a difference in the course of a few hours
    or an entire day.
  • Donation: Please contact the Executive Director for more information on the volunteer
    management sponsorship levels; this may vary based on the size and scope of the group. The
    donation supports the costs of materials, safety equipment, and insurance for the overall project,
    project management and coordination.

"Volunteering to help the people of New Orleans reconnected me to the city while I formed life-long bonds with my fellow volunteers from my organization." Chris Whitney, Hands@Work Partner from Kaiser Permanente

Contact: Alejandro Cardemil

KaBOOM! is the national nonprofit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in North America. Since 1995, KaBOOM! has used its signature community build model to bring together business, foundation and community interests to construct over 2,000 new play spaces and in communities where they are needed most. Benefits to working with KaBOOM!:

  • Involve 150 employees or more in a high-impact, engaging and rewarding service day
  • Showcase the unique philanthropic spirit of your company and its commitment to the communities in
    which your employees live and work
  • Create proud, loyal, engaged employee teams through a unique, hands-on shared service experience
  • Strengthen key business and community relationships by engaging elected officials, key clients, VIPs,
    community leaders, local media and more to help lead kick-off and ribbon cutting programs
  • Generate media coverage and create a strong PR story
  • Enable thousands of children to be smarter, healthier, happier and more social by building a great place
    for them to PLAY!

KaBOOM!'s track record of creating playspaces and affecting social change is reflected in the following milestones:

  • Led 340,000+ corporate, Foundation and community volunteers to invest 2.7 million hours of their
  • Built over 2,000 new, kid-designed playgrounds through our signature community-build process in the
    communities that need them the most.
  • Winner of the Cause Marketing Forum's Golden Halo Award and the Director's Award from the
    Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy Excellence.
  • Channeled into communities $200 million of corporate financial resources from our Funding Partners.

Our done-in-a-day playgrounds are inspirational, results-driven events that our Funding Partners come back for again and again. The community-build process kicks off with Design Day where local children help design the new play space, and adult volunteers from the community begin the planning process. Each week following the Design Day, a KaBOOM! Project Manager works with the planning committee (made up largely of community volunteers, along with representatives from the Funding Partner) to help them organize logistics for the day of the build. This 10-week planning period culminates in Build Day, where 200 community and corporate volunteers work side-by-side to build a shiny, new, kid-designed playground... all in a single day!

These KaBOOM!-led projects are proven models of how building a playground can strengthen people's faith in themselves and in their communities. Not only is a space transformed, but the people who made it possible also change because of the experience - and they walk away knowing that they have the skills to tackle other issues and make a difference in their communities. KaBOOM! It Starts With a Playground.

Contact: Ray Thomas

This grass-roots organization works with multiple groups and hosts a variety of different project
opportunities. Service projects cover various locations around New Orleans, including RSD
schools, rebuilding, house gutting, mold remediation, land preservation, mentoring and other
community outreach projects. Katrina Corps provides lunches, transportation, tools and
beverages. We charge a fee per head to cover cost of equipment, lunches and transportation (if
needed). Contributions vary, but they average $10 to $20. Though all time helping is appreciated,
4 to 6 hour per days works best. Volunteers are encouraged to dress appropriately i.e. no opentoed
sandals, wear a hat or head covering. Safety equipment is provided.

New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity
Contact: Jenna Mitchell Turnage 

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity (NOAHH) builds houses in partnership with sponsors, volunteers, and partner families to eliminate poverty housing in the New Orleans area while serving as a catalyst to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. NOAHH was founded in 1983 and has provided assistance to over 3,000 homeowners through new construction, repairs and gutting. NOAHH welcomes volunteers daily, Tuesday through Saturday, and offers a turn-key volunteer opportunity for all groups. The affiliate has experience in deploying upwards of 3,000 volunteers daily for a single work project as well as identifying key opportunities for volunteers of all ages and skillsets. The affiliate has welcomed volunteer groups from Whirlpool, Anheuser-Busch, Home Depot, Shell, National Association of Realtors, Circle K, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Whether it is a social, military, educational, fraternal or association meeting, NOAHH can provide a well-planned volunteer experience.

  • Work day begins at 7:45 a.m. with a worksite introduction, includes a break for lunch and ends at 3:30 p.m. with clean up lasting until 4:00 p.m. All equipment is provided by NOAHH.
  • Each volunteer group must provide lunch (catering recommendations available) and transportation to and from the worksite.
  • NOAHH can assist with ordering team t-shirts as well as coordinate any media opportunities.
  • NOAHH can work with large sized groups for any length of time.
  • No building activity on Sunday or Monday.
  • Cost is a minimum of $50 per volunteer, to cover equipment and volunteer insurance.

NOLA Green Roots
Contact: Joe Brock

NOLA Green Roots is a membership based nonprofit whose mission is to build sustainable communities through gardens. NGR's mission strongly supports the belief that community gardening systemically improves the quality of community life by providing a catalyst for employment, education, recreation, and exercise.  Our gardens provide the nutrients for neighborhood and community development. We train and employ youth, eliminate food deserts, stimulate social interaction, reduce obesity, encourage self-reliance, decrease urban blight, produce nutritious food, control family food expenditures and conserve resources.

Click here for an informational brochure on NOLA Green Roots.

Preservation Resource Center's Rebuilding Together New Orleans
Contact: Gabriel Sneller

Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO) is a program of the Preservation Resource Center and has been revitalizing homes and communities in New Orleans for 24 years. RTNO's mission is to preserve and revitalize houses and communities, assuring that low-income homeowners, particularly those who are elderly, disabled, single-guardians, and first responders can live in warmth, safety, and independence. In partnership with communities, our goal is to make a sustainable impact. We currently work in seven different neighborhoods including: St. Roch, Broadmoor, Holy Cross, Treme, Hollygrove, Mid-City, and Gentilly.
RTNO does not do new construction; it is all rehabilitation of pre-existing homes damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

RTNO has experience working with individuals and groups of all sizes, from all backgrounds, with varying degrees of skills. Please note that all volunteers must be over the age of 18 to participate. Groups are responsible for housing, meals, and transportation to and from the work site. A typical work week is Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM-4:00 PM. We prefer that you make at least a 2-day commitment to volunteer. Flexible opportunities are available; please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Groups larger than 10 people may be placed on two or more worksites. The type of work performed by volunteers varies widely according to the workscope of the house. The jobs may consist of interior or exterior painting, laying flooring, light carpentry or landscaping, to name a few.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information on the volunteer management fee; this may vary based on the size and scope of the group. This fee supports the costs of build materials, safety equipment, insurance for the overall project, port-o-lets, transportation of materials and RTNO staff to and from the worksite, etc. This fee also includes a RTNO t-shirt.

St. Bernard Project
Contact: St. Bernard Project's Volunteer Department

St. Bernard Project (SBP) is an innovative, award-winning non-profit serving vulnerable families, senior citizens and disabled residents struggling to recover from the devastation and trauma caused by natural, economic and man-made disasters. Over 40,000 SBP volunteers have rebuilt 430+ houses for hard-working American families. Our work is recognized by The White House, US News and World Report and Co-Founder Liz McCartney is 2008 CNN Hero of the Year. Partnerships with major organizations, including Toyota, UPS, Zurich, Cisco and the United Way of Greater New Orleans get families home faster and more efficiently through volunteerism, funding, and providing skill-based labor.

SBP offers turnkey, fully customizable volunteer experiences to meet the needs and goals of today's conventioneers. We provide all of the tools and coordination necessary to rebuild client-owned homes, and no construction skills are necessary. Volunteers are well supervised by AmeriCorps members who are on site at all times to oversee construction, answer questions and provide a background about SBP and our homeowners.

The experience builds camaraderie, increases community awareness and has an immediate impact on New Orleans. Your volunteerism and investment in SBP will have a substantial affect on this city, and we guarantee that we'll make a mark on your life, too: "You will feel great walking way knowing that you made an impact on families in New Orleans who will finally be able to celebrate their next birthday and anniversary in the comfort of their own home for the first time in nearly seven years." - Zack Rosenburg, CEO and Co-Founder.

St. Paul's Homecoming Center
Contacts: Connie Uddo

St. Paul's Homecoming Center, an outreach of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, is a Hurricane
Katrina Recovery Center that assists residents in the rebuilding of their homes and lives.
The Center opened its doors in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans in August 2006 and
relocated to the Gentilly neighborhood in January of 2009. The Center has been recognized
nationally as a model for neighborhood recovery.

ST. Paul's Homecoming Center offers 2 service opportunities:
1. Homeowner Assistance\volunteer program- This program was designed to meet the need of the skilled and unskilled volunteer, as well as helping residents that have run out of funds to rebuild or put the finishing touches on a home. Volunteers generally, paint inside and outside of homes, lay sod, install gardens, and hang sheetrock and insulation. Volunteers with construction skills are utilized for rebuilding projects.

2. Our Center has been actively involved in a restoration of a school and gym in the Gentilly area. The facility is being converted to a community center that will serve over 20,000 households.

ST. Paul's Homecoming Center welcomes groups of all ages and sizes. Corporate groups, faithbased
groups, student groups as well as individual volunteers are welcome to join with us.

  • Groups can work full days from 9-3 or half days from 9-12.
  • $10 per volunteer per day donation is requested to cover projects costs for small
  • $50 per volunteer per day for groups over 40 or more to cover project costs.
  • All equipment is on site

St. Paul's Homecoming Center has hosted over 50,000 volunteers since hurricane Katrina. We
work very hard to ensure the volunteers a productive experience. Residents are usually on site
providing water, snacks and at times, a good pot of Gumbo or Jambalaya. Volunteers are getting
an opportunity to experience a one on one relationship with someone that suffered tremendous
loss. This provides a meaningful and for many, a life-changing experience.

The Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA)
Contact: Andrea Blumenstein, Outreach Coordinator

The Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the
recovery of the residents of Lower Mid-City New Orleans and the surrounding neighborhoods by
rebuilding quality affordable housing and by developing the community assets necessary for a
vital neighborhood.

United Saints Recovery Project 
Contact: Daryl Kiesow
(504) 233-8883,

The United Saints Recovery Project is a grassroots, 501c3 rebuilding organization located in Central City, New Orleans. We assist economically disadvantaged homeowners in rebuilding their homes that were either damaged by the hurricanes and/or blight. We welcome volunteers of any skill level.

Volunteer work would consist of painting and/or light construction. We can accommodate small and large groups and can organize half day, full day, and weeklong projects. We also have volunteer housing available for individuals and groups up to 85. Please contact us for additional information and rates.

The United Saints provides:

  •  Project coordination
  • Tools and equipment
  • Experienced team leaders
  • Orientation and safety training