Frenchmen Street

Where the Locals Go

If it's music that you crave or just a peek into the New Orleans way-of-nightlife, then Frenchmen Street is a must see. Known as the "locals' version of Bourbon," Frenchmen is an entertainment district located within walking distance of the French Quarter and offers an amazing variety of venue styles and music ranging from traditional jazz to blues to reggae to rock. Many clubs along the strip don't even charge a cover! But in true New Orleans fashion, do give a cheer after a great trombone solo and throw a few bucks in the tip jar to show your appreciation.

Frenchmen offers a lively street culture that creates a seamless experience of music and fun both inside and out of the clubs that line the district. On weekends, you can even catch the nocturnal Frenchmen Art Market featuring wares by local artisans. Sketch artists and poets line the sidewalk and bluegrass and gypsy jazz pick-up bands nestle into stoops along the strip. Brass bands are commonly found on the corner of Chartres and Frenchmen and before you know it you'll be dancing in the streets just like a local. So feel free to get outside, stroll, wander, dance, and, of course, with New Orleans' open-container law, you can always take your drink with you as you explore.

During the day, Frenchmen's funky vibe persists. You can peruse antique shops and bookstores, opt for food from Creole to vegetarian or visit the gardens of Washington Square Park- all perfect places for meeting artists, performers and neighborhood characters. Get their suggestions on restaurants to visit and acts to catch. Whether you're a night owl or early bird, you can always pass a good time on Frenchmen.

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