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Prytania Street

Garden District Beauty and Beyond

Those looking to experience the beauty and grandeur of the Garden District need look no farther than Prytania Street. Prytania begins at the distinctive I -10 overpass at Calliope Street in the Lower Garden District and runs upriver into Uptown, ending just past Audubon Park at the banks of the Mississippi River. Situated between Magazine Street and St. Charles Avenue, Prytania blends the charm of both popular thoroughfares into its own unique style. Like Magazine Street, Prytania rolls peacefully along under a canopy of live oaks, sporting an array of boutiques, shops and intimate restaurants. But with its exquisite collection of 19th century mansions found within the Garden District, Prytania also carries the grandeur found only two blocks away on St. Charles. The result is a relaxed yet vivid strip that captures the true spirit of the New Orleans' Uptown area.

Prytania orginates at Margaret Place, a small public square at the junction of Calliope and Camp Street, where Alexander Doyle's famous Margaret Haughery statue stands. Erected in 1884 and named after the celebrated New Orleans' philanthropist known as "the mother of orphans," it was the second monument to be built in the country in honor of a woman.

Pristine Architecture & Home to Hollywood South

As you venture upriver you will soon be in the heart of the Garden District. This area of Prytania Street is filled with some of New Orleans' most pristine architecture. In fact, the architectural splendor is such that many celebrities such as Anne Rice, Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage and others have called this neighborhood home.

Just a few blocks further, the intersection of Washington and Prytania is a favorite destination for locals, visitors and even Hollywood. This section of the Garden District is one of the most popular filming locations in the city due to the area's architecture and historic ambiance. Here you will find the famed Commander's Palace restaurant, in service since 1880, as well as the historic Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Opened in 1833, this mysterious yet beautiful cemetery is perhaps the most well-preserved in the city. It was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1973 and has since become immortalized in both film and literature, making it a standard attraction for tourists. Guided tours of the cemetery and neighborhood, including carriage rides to the area are available.

Audubon Park & Zoo

Your Prytania Street adventure eventually ends in Audubon Park, where golf, bike trails and our superb Audubon Zoo are surrounded by pastoral landscapes. Prytania is a must-visit destination for lovers of architecture, beauty and southern charm.

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