The Second Line Parade

One of the most popular traditions during New Orleans weddings is the famous Second Line.  At a wedding if signifies the start of a new beginning of life for the bride and groom.  The Second Line Band leads the bridal party and the guests from the church to the reception venue or it may take place at the reception itself.  A Second Line has two parts.  The first line is usually a brass band and the ones being honored, the bride and groom.  The newly married couple leads the Second Line holding uniquely decorated umbrellas or parasols.  All of there guest who want to join in the celebration make up the Second Line.  They form a line behind the band and the newly married couple, dancing and strutting to the lively music with handkerchiefs or cocktail napkins!

Street Parade Permit Information:
The application for Parade Permit is $50.25 and can only be paid by cashier’s check or money order, payable to the City of New Orleans.   An officer is needed for your escort, payable in cash due on the day of the wedding.  The parade route and size will determine the number of officers needed.  Each officer escort cost $100.00. 

For more information on your wedding second line parade or police escorts, please contact Officer Don Powers at 504.343.5890 or

Mardi Gras Indians
Want to add a little Mardi Gras to your wedding?  One of New Orleans favorite traditions comes from the African-American culture, Mardi Gras Indians.

Even though the origin of the tradition is unknown, the century old tradition of certain New Orleans’ African-American males dressing on Mardi Gras Day in elaborate Indian costumes has become a staple of our community.

Many brides pay homage to the Mardi Gras Indian tradition by including it into part of their wedding celebration.  Whether, leading the second line parade or announcing the Bride and Groom at the reception - the Mardi Gras Indians are a show stopper.

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