Don't leave your guests out in the cold! Before you choose your wedding date, let the New Orleans CVB assist you in researching sold out dates due to special events and city-wide conventions. It's Free and Easy!

Moonlight dances across the Mississippi River as the soft notes of a jazz saxophone weave their way down cobblestone streets, through wrought-iron balconies and across moss-laden oaks. The warm evening air is heavy with the aroma of fresh-brewed chicory coffee, Cajun and Creole spice, and sweet Southern jasmine. A horse-drawn carriage trots by, while a paddlewheeler’s whistle echoes down the riverfront like a special serenade for couples in love.

It’s the end to another day in America’s most romantic city: New Orleans.

Called the “Paris of the South,” New Orleans is one of the world’s most popular places to become engaged, honeymoon, and – of course – get married. Some couples even do all three, planning “destination weddingmoons” in the very city where the big question was popped!

It’s no mystery why wedding bells chime so often here. Couples today fall under the same spell that entranced lovers in 18th and 19th century New Orleans: the magic of exquisite architecture, lush landscape, delicious cuisine, and a culture of sensual indulgence and joyous abandon. Steeped in tradition, but always ready for some modern-day fun, New Orleans is a romantic chameleon that can make every couple’s matrimonial dreams come true. Whether you want the celebration of your union to be classic, contemporary, intimate, sophisticated, off-the-wall, or over-the-top, New Orleans is your ideal wedding destination.

New Orleans: the perfect place to fall in love, declare your love, and pledge your love forever.